Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Top 10 Reasons for Going to Mass!!!!

Do you have kids who don't want to go to mass? Do you have a teenager who wants to sleep in on Sunday morning? Do you need an excuse to get your own lazy butt to church? Well, here, without further ado are TOP TEN REASONS FOR GOING TO MASS!!! YEAAAAAA!!!
  1. Eucharist--how many times do you get to hold the creator of the universe in your hands (it's a trick questions--it's every day if you want)
  2. To listen to the beautiful music
  3. To mock the bad music
  4. To listen to an inspiring homily
  5. To tell bad jokes to Father that he has heard a million times about sleeping through his homily
  6. Because kneeling on a piece of wood with a quarter inch of padding feels so wonderful on the knees!
  7. To look at the stained glass windows and play that fun game "Who's That Saint!"
  8. To play that other fun game, "Count how many times will the kids ask, 'where are we going to eat after church?'"
  9. It's the uniting of Heaven and Earth.
  10. If you don't go you are in a state of mortal sin and have to go to confession, Fool!

In all seriousness, mass is the greatest gift that God has given us as crazy as that may sound. Imagine a time and place where Heaven and Earth are united. A time and place where the universal church is united whether you are in Kansas City, London, Rome, India or the Philippines we are all brought together during the liturgy. A time that God infuses you with grace. A place where the created consumes the creator and the consumer becomes the consumed.

Mass is like no other. You don't need any excuses, just go!!

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