Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Serving the Lord

All I could do was sigh. It was one of the most heartbreaking things I had seen in a long time. No, it wasn't something I had seen at work. Of all things-- it was a thread from a Facebook status. The friend was someone I had just recently added. He is a former supervisor or mine and a very intelligent man. He was complaining about how he and his family have been treated by Christians. The resulting comments from his friends literally pained me.

I have spoken a couple times about how Christians can be the worst evangelists. Either we come across as hypocritical because we aren't living the Christian life or there are those who try too hard and come across as Bible thumpers and telling people that they are going to Hell if they don't change their way. Guess what turns people off and makes them tune out your message---being told that you are going to Hell.

Well, this friend of mine and his friends are literally pagans and self-proclaimed heathens and they weren't just bashing Christians. They were against God. They have rejected God (or "your [my] God") and this fear-mongering religion. There were several other things said but I choose not to recall them and not to put them here. It literally pained me because I know that nothing I could say would influence them and all I can do is pray for them (although I'm sure they would be upset if I even told them that)

In the end though, I'll take Christianity over everything else because I know that if I work to allow Jesus to work through me and if I try to see Jesus in others there is no way I can go wrong. I can't go wrong by following the ten commandments and by not stealing, not killing or committing adultery. I know I will be okay by following the Beatitudes. If I live a virtuous life then I'll live a life worth living.

What people don't seem to get is this. If you are a loving person and living a good life then God is working through you whether you reject Him or not. God is love. Without God there is no love. It is by cooperating with God's love and God's grace that we can change the world. That is why you see Christians manning the food pantries or the thrift stores. That is why you see nuns tending to the lepers or priests taking care the poor and underprivileged. They are letting God work through them and their lives are much better for it.

I'm sure any of the people posting in my friend's thread would read this would have choice words for me but it's true. If you truly are caring and loving then MY God is working through you. You do what you want but as for me and my house---we will serve the Lord.

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