Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Jesse Romero

I'm sure this is no surprise to many who know me but I am a Catholic geek. Being a Catholic geek, I enjoy listening to Catholic speakers. There are some, like Scott Hahn, who's insight makes you go "whoa." There are some, like Matthew Kelly, who are such great story tellers that you don't even realize you are learning. Then there are some, like Fr. Corapi, who make you feel that if you don't listen to what they are saying they are going to kick your butt! Then there are those, like Jesse Romero, who you can just hear the passion in their voice.

So when the website,, decided to host "Support a Catholic Speaker Month" and asked different blogs to write about Catholic speakers and I saw that Jesse Romero was still on the list I jumped all over it. I admit that I have never heard Mr. Romero speak in person but I have heard him on Catholic Answers Live and I knew enough about his background to intrigue me.

Jesse Romero is a retired Los Angeles Deputy Sheriff so we have a bond that all law enforcement officers do. I think anyone who has seen the under belly of society people like those in public safety have should have a passion for Jesus. We have, after all, seen the work that Satan can do. Jesse has taken his experience, as well as the evidence he saw of God's existence in unlikely places, as well as his faith in Jesus and turned that into a passion for evangelizing and spreading his Catholic faith.

Jesse's talks are straight forward, simple and orthodox. They cover the spectrum from evangelizing to apologetics to the sacraments. If I haven't it gotten across yet, Jesse is energetic and has the listener leaving excited about his faith. He is like a football coach giving a half time pep talk and making you believe that you can defeat the foe because you have Jesus on your side. As Jesse says, "I am a pyromaniac for JESUS, I am a straight shooter, I shoot straight for the heart, I have conviction, passion and I give straight talking, no nonsense, no spin, bible centered, Holy Spirit fire brand Catholicism" His mission statement is simply, "Love God, Save Souls!"

For more information on Jesse Romero, including books, CD's and speaking engagements please visit his website at Oh, and one final thing. Jesse Romero was also a three time World Police boxing champion and two time U.S.A. kickboxing champion so, like Fr. Corapi, if you don't listen to him he may kick your butt too!


  1. I have been listening to Jesse for a couple of years now -- almost on a daily basis! He has opened up my eyes to the genius of the Catholic faith! I first heard Jesse on a cassette which my sister Esther gave me entitled "Bullet-Proof Faith" one of the best Jesse has recorded. Another favorite is "If You Died Today." Jesse, you have a place in Heaven. Our ever-living God is going to welcome you with open arms! I hope to meet you in person one day. God bless you! Martha

  2. I recently attended A retreat , and Wow were my eyes and heart opened by what Jesse and Johnny Romero preached. The entire team Romero were so spot on .!
    My love for our Lord Jesus Christ has never been so wonderful. Thanks to my experience. I plan to attend others , and want ti invite all who will listen to me to attend also .