Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tony Does It Again

My mother-in-law and wife are taking and overnight trip and my mother-in-law left her dog, Sasha, at our house to dog sit. Here other two dogs--lap dogs named George and Lenny, were at my sister-in-laws since our dog, Sarge, would surely hurt them by playing with them.

I woke up at about one expecting there to be two dogs in our house but Sarge was it. I called Abby, my wife, and she told me that George has already escaped twice today and been taken to the vets. She said that Sasha was in the back-yard because, well, let's just say Sarge enjoyed having a female dog in the house. I let Sarge out and there was no Sasha in the back yard. There was a hole in the fence where Sarge has already chewed on one of the planks. Sasha evidently had finished chewing through it and slipped between the slats and had escaped.
I hopped in the car and started looking. Up and down the streets of the neighborhood. I even drove to my mother-in-laws house thinking maybe she had made the three mile trek there somehow. I asked mailmen (excuse me---postal workers) and others and no one had seen her. I called the animal shelter but for some reason if you asked them if they had picked up a brown dog they can't help you out very easily.

I continued my expedition looking for this dog. For two hours, I looked. I contemplated driving to the animal shelter to look around and finally I did it---I prayed to St. Anthony of Padua. St. Anthony is the patron saint of lost items. He has came through in the past so I figured I would try it again. "Anthony," I said, "I have a big one for you. I'm missing a dog. She is probably running around someplace. Can you help me find her?" I even tried the old stand by, "Tony, Tony, look around---something's lost and can't be found."

Finally, I had enough. I'm going to have to drive the the shelter. She MUST have been picked up. But first I had to got to the bathroom. I drove home to use the facilities and guess who was sitting on the front porch. Sasha was. Evidently St. Anthony found her and put her there. This was the first time she had been to our house. How else would she know where to go?

So thank-you, St. Anthony. Does anyone one else have any St. Anthony stories. I have another really neat one but I want to hear yours.


  1. Here's my St. Anthony story, Jamie - hope you enjoy it:

    I'm a believer now!

  2. Once, while getting my daughter ready for nursery school, I put my car keys down and...they promptly disappeared. Could not find them anywhere. Several months later, an elderly relative passed away. She left us several things, including a large, chipped, ugly statue of St. Anthony. My husband brought it into our house and unwrapped it. I shook my head in displeasure. I griped about how ugly it was. With that, I felt a tug on my pant leg. It was my daughter, and she had something in her hand. "Mommy," she said, "Are these the keys you were looking for?" Since that day, the ugly statue of St. Anthony has had a place of honor in our living room.