Wednesday, September 23, 2009

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I don't know who it is. It may be my grandma. I have a suspicion that it's my grandpa. But I have a saint in heaven praying for me. Not just for me but for my mom and sister. Nothing else really explains the graces we have received in the last decade. We were all raised catholic but we developed a pattern. We would go to mass for a few weeks and then stop for a few months. The cycle continued over the years. Heck, I didn't receive first communion until I was in 8th grade and wasn't confirmed until I was nearly 30.
Things have definitely changed over the last ten years. None of us are daily communicants or anything like that but my sister, Maggie, graduated from Benedictine College last May with a degree in Theology and a minor in Youth Ministry (anyone in the Kansas City need a great youth minister). My mom is now on the Alter Society and Parish Council. If Fr. Reginald leaves town he asks her to look after the rectory while he's gone. Definitely not what ANYONE would have pictured twenty years ago.
Maggie has taken a lead and started her own blog at I encourage you all to take a look, give her encouragement and of course, pray for us---we need more than one saint's prayers!

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