Thursday, September 3, 2009

Confession Poll

Yesterday I gave Ten Reasons for Going to Confession. Coincidentally, later that afternoon, I was listening to a recording of Monday's The Catholic Guy Show with Lino Rulli which is on from 3-6 Central time on Sirius 159/XM 117. In the show, Lino brought up the question what percentage of Catholics go to confession regularly. He started out thinking 5% and then after receiving several phone calls decided that it was probably less than that. One caller called in and presented the idea that among PRACTICING Catholics it's probably closer to 20%. I'm curious. I really do not have any idea what it might be. I would say it is too low.

So I decided to conduct my own poll. It's unscientific of course but here are the options:
  1. less than two weeks
  2. 2+ weeks to 1 month
  3. 1+ month to 3 months
  4. 3+ months to 6 months
  5. 6+ months to 1 year
  6. More than a year
  7. Since your first reconciliation
  8. Not Catholic

The polls is anonymous and is posted on the side bar so it will stay visible. It's going to be up until September 17th at midnight Central time.

The Church encourages us to go to confession at least once a year but more importantly, if we are in a state of mortal sin we MUST go confession immediately!!! Dying in a state of moral sin will suck! Mark my words! If it's been over a year definitely go but even if it's only been a couple of months I would encourage you. If it's been awhile and you are nervous or not sure of what to say or do then review my post 7 Simple Step for Confession.

As for my answer to the poll: it's been 1-3 months since my last confession. So to set a good example, I am going to go this Friday at Our Lady of Good Counsel at 40th and Washington. Monsignor Blacet is an amazing confessor. You are all invited to join me and then for mass afterwords. Confession starts at 11:30 and mass at noon but I recommend getting there at least by 11:20 if not sooner because there is always a line!


  1. This is fantastic Jamie! People need to understand the importance of the Sacrament of Reconciliation. They need to understand it is about their own mental and spiritual health and not about the priest, God, or anyone else. Thank you for trying to inform people of the need to receive the sacrament.

  2. i was away fm the true faith 43 years & returned on 11/1/07. i go to "recon" every 1-2 wks. i try to stay close to Jesus & this is what works for me. i have a regular confessor, but, sometimes i snag another priest for a "confession on the fly" (not regular day).

  3. I need - NEED - to go to confession at least once a month. I'm a sinner.

  4. I'm always happy to see more people write about Confession!

    I fell away and this sacrament scared me so much it kept me away...until I finally made a 12-year confession. And you know what? It took me another 3 years to go again!

    Now...I'm a regular. I made it a point to go frequently, and it makes ALL the difference.

  5. Is someone fibbing on the poll? Where do they go to confession? The times for confession that are posted in most Catholic
    Churches in my area (Florida) are noticeably empty at those times, yet the Sunday Masses are packed. Are these people suffering from what John Paul II said was " undue autonomy of conscience", and confessing to themselves ?

  6. I'd figure that the only people that read this thing are regular attendees.

  7. Thank you all of your kinds words. As I stated above, this is by no means a scientific poll and my site, which normally has ohhhh 20-30 hits a day, was linked by New and received a ton of traffic from there. As you can imagine, I expect most of those people are regular confessees. Welcome all!!

  8. not catholic but truly enjoy your posts!

  9. A priest friend of mine told me that it makes him sad to see the lines for communion long but the lines for confession short.

  10. Is it not a mortal sin to recieve Communion without confessing a mortal sin?

  11. For anonymous in Florida, it is possible to go to confession every day at Mary, Queen of the Universe Shrine, near Orlando. It is located near Disney World, just off I-4 on Vineland Avenue. One can easily see the Shrine when driving along I-4, just north of State Route 535. I believe one gets off I-4 at Exit 68. Confessions are held from 10:00 AM until 5:00 PM on Monday through Saturday and 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM on Sunday. No more excuses, go!

  12. My parish offers reconciliation by appointment anytime in Spanish or English and we have two priests!
    We also offer scheduled Reconciliation on Saturdays from 3-4PM, and we also offer a Penance Service and Individual Reconciliation in Advent and Lent each year. We have hundreds come twice a year to the Sacrament- I think that's when most people go in my parish.

  13. I recall the story of St. Teresa of Avila kneeling down upon seeing a beautiful spirit. Her guarding angel told her "Get up Teresa, that is only
    a soul in the state of Sanctifing Grace.
    We are that spirit after saying/doing our penance after confession.
    Some of us can stay that beautiful all the way to the doors to exit
    the church.

  14. Only catholics go for confession,and the percentage is alarming low. Steps should be taken to improve it or a common reconciliation to all who attend holy MASS.

    1. We have a two-part common reconcilation for those who attend Mass. First is the Penitential Act and absolution by the celebrant, and then the sign of peace before Communion.
      If the priest does not make these meaningful to us, then it is up to us to do so.