Sunday, May 10, 2009

Honor Your Mommy!!!

I have been blessed to have some amazing mother figures in my life.
As I’ve mentioned before, I grew up a child of a single mother. Being a mother is a difficult enough job the way it is but being a single mom magnifies those difficulties tenfold. You are having to raise a child on your own with not support and on a single income. I never felt lacking at all though. I always felt loved. I always felt like I had everything I needed and my mom turned me into the man I am today. I don’t think my mom realizes what a wonderful mother she is. I suppose that’s my fault because I tease her a lot and don’t give her the respect she deserves. All she has to do is look at the wonderful way her children turned out. GREAT!! Now I’m guilty of the sin of pride---THANKS MOM!! J
Somehow, sixteen years ago, I met Abby. We fell in love, got married and started having babies. I couldn’t have picked a more amazing mother for my children if I could have picked her out of a catalog than the one God gave me. It is indescribable what she does for the kids. She takes them to places on the weekend to have fun such as the zoo or different events. She helps them with their homework and gives them fantastic cuddles and makes them feel loved.
Finally, on this Mother’s Day—some advice on how we can all be “Christ-like.” Jesus followed the commandments one of which is “Honor your mommy!” and that’s what He did. He honored the Blessed Mother so I think it’s only appropriate that we give Mary the proper respect. Catholics get a bad rap---people say that we worship Mary but nothing could be further from the truth. We show her the proper devotion and honor in imitation of Jesus. In addition, one of the final acts of Jesus on the cross was to give Mary to us to protect us and take care of us. On the cross He said to his disciple, “Son, behold your mother.” He then said to Mary, “Mother, behold your son.” By saying this He gave us His mother to help lead us to Him. So whenever you feel down, or feel lost you can feel free to turn to Mary for advice or guidance just as you would your own mother. She will not lead you astray.

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