Friday, May 15, 2009

Coping with Death

As Christians, I believe that death can be a bitter sweet time. Obviously, the loss of a friend, relative or lost one is very sad because we are going to miss them and we do not know when we are going to see them again. It can be a very joyous time though because we know that our friend, relative or loved one is in a better place. We know that they are free of pain or worry and that they are in the presence of God. I do not think they would come back if they had the chance.
I believe that that the Catholic Church has a wonderful outlook on death that helps us cope even more. We are often criticized because of our devotion to the saints. Many mistakenly believe that we worship them or that we should not pray to them. This aspect of our faith makes dealing with death easier I believe. This devotion to the saints helps us to realize that those who have gone to their eternal rest are not really dead but are as alive as you or I. We are all still parts of the body of Christ. They are alive in Christ. After all, Jesus died so that we might have life as long as we abide in Him (That phrase seems to be coming up a lot lately in the readings.) This is exciting because we know that our loved ones have triumphed. They are with loved ones who have gone before them.
This has been on my mind the past 24 hours because my wife’s grandfather, Max Sandusky, passed away yesterday morning. Max was an amazing man—amazing enough that we named our son after him. He was 86 years old. His wife Doris passed away about 5 years ago and I remember his sorrow when she passed. All I can think of is him being reunited with her and that brings me great joy.
I’ve had several people who are pretty close to me pass away in the last ten years. I’ve lost four uncles who have all had an influence on my up bringing pass away. Every time I have extreme sadness for MY loss but at the same time great joy and excitement because I have the knowledge of where they are due to the death and resurrection of Jesus—our Lord.

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  1. Hello, Jamie. It's a bit late for me to say my sympathies for your wife's grandfather but your post is very touching and thought-provoking. Your outlook towards a loved one's death is very positive and healthy. Thank you for inspiring others!