Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Gay Marriage

Yesterday, the California Supreme Court upheld the state constitutional ban against gay marriage which was voted into effect last November by the people of California. I have to admit that while my views on gay marriage are simplistic they are also complicated.

I believe as a society we have bastardized what marriage is. Marriage is a Holy Sacrament in which a man and woman who are open to life are bound for life. This bound is sealed by God who confers His grace on the marriage. I realize that is probably a very poor theological definition but put very simply--binding of man and woman sealed by God. Anything else goes against what marriage is. I think the people who fight and argue against gay marriage need to also fight and argue against divorce. We as mere mortals are not able to break that seal of God.

I'll take that view a step further though. Not only do I believe that marriage is between a man and a woman or that divorce is not possible. I also believe that sex is reserved for a married man and woman and should be open to life. So if we are arguing against gay marriage we should also be arguing against divorce. We should be arguing against sex outside marriage. We should also be arguing against contracepted sex. I believe they all go against God's wishes.

Society has bastardized what marriage is though. In societies eyes, we have taken a sacrament that should be done in a church setting with a priest/deacon/minister witnessing and turned it into a civil contract. It's possible for judges or even ship captains to marry anyone (I don't know if that last part is true but it works in the movies). We have opened marriage up to divorce. So why shouldn't we open it up to homosexuals. That's a good question. I think many because in the end it changes the definition of what marriage is. If marriage is between man and woman you can't change what it is just like you can't take a horse and say this is a camel.

You can call me a homophobic if you wish. And I can call you a moron because in the end while I do not believe that two men or two women can be married or I'm against homosexual sex I also believe that I am called to love every man or woman be they gay or straight. I believe that God wants a relationship with every man or woman be they gay or straight and that He loves them just as much as He loves me. I'm not going to cast any stones because I would be getting plenty of stones cast my way for my own sins. I work in a section of town with a large homosexual population and go on calls with homosexuals on a daily basis. I work with homosexuals. My views on how marriage is defined does not change the way I treat anyone so to say I'm homophobic is ignorant.

What would I do if a vote came to Missouri. I honestly do not know. While I have my beliefs in what marriage is I also believe that in today's society there should be an avenue for a civil union. That is what marriage is for many people anyway isn't it?? I believe that there should be health care afforded to "domestic partnerships." I recognize that all do not hold my believes and that there should be a way for two people to proclaim their undying love for each other. I just do not think that marriage is how that is.

Hate away.

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