Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Father's Love

God’s love is limitless. This is what we say and believe but do we really understand it?? Do we truly comprehend God’s love and mercy??
God is made up of the Holy Trinity—the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Three persons in one nature. It’s a mystery on how this is possible but this is what we believe. We believe that God the Son became incarnate—that He became man. That is suffered under Pontus Pilate, that he died and was buried. That he rose from the dead and ascended into Heaven. We say something to that effect every day at mass or we learned that when we were a child. What does it mean though???
Obviously, it is easy to realize the love Jesus has for us because he offered Himself up to die for our sins. We’ve seen images of Jesus’ crucifixion and can start to get a grasp about how gruesome and horrible of a death it was. It was truly the ultimate sacrifice. How many of us would do that?? Ever think that maybe more of us would make that sacrifice than you might imagine?? I don’t want to get everyone riled up or even tried to downgrade what Jesus went through for us. But imagine how many people die every day for strangers. Imagine how many Marines have made that ultimate sacrifice in order to save their platoon, company or maybe some countrymen they did not know. How many firemen or policemen die every year rushing into burning buildings or towards the sound of gunfire to help others. How many Secret Serviceman have been prepared over the past decades to take the bullet for the President even if they didn’t like the man but out of a sense of duty. Now then think, how many out there do you think would be willing to die the death that Jesus did if they knew that it would afford people the opportunity to spend eternity in the presence of God. I would think that many people would make that choice.
I never really understood the term “A Father’s Love.” I grew up not knowing my father. Sure, I had father figures in my life but I never that that bond that only a Father/Son would have. So I don’t think I ever really comprehended the amount of sacrifice that God the Father made by allowing His son to be tortured and to die.
And then I had my own children. I had my own son. Now do not get me wrong—I love my girls. When they were born I didn’t think it was possible for a person to love another this much. But there is a special bond between a father and a son. I think most dads would tell you that. I was then that I began to get a glimpse as to the sacrifice that God the Father was willing to make for us.
I would be willing to take a bullet for a stranger. I would be willing to put my life on the line for loved ones. I would be willing to die for God. There is no way I would be willing to make the sacrifice that the Father made by offering His son for us. Especially if I knew how we would treat His Son. That we would spit on Him by allowing ourselves to sin. That we would ignore Him by missing church or not making the time for prayer. If I knew that my son would die and the people that he died for would treat him the way that we treat Jesus by sinning and saying that we don’t need him----I would tell them that they could rot in hell. I love my son too much---I love my children too much to allow them to be treated that way by anyone.
God’s desire to be with us is so great, His love is so immense and His mercy is so deep that He WOULD be willing to lose a son so that we can become a little be closer to Him. The Father would do anything so that we can spend eternity with Him. Let’s not reject that love. Let’s not walk away from Him.

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