Monday, May 25, 2009

High School Reunion

I had my 20 year high school reunion this weekend and it gave me a little time for reflection.

I grew up in a small town. My senior class had something like 45 kids in it. I was--how would I describe myself--sort of a social misfit I guess?? I've come to realize, that it's no ones fault but just the result of living in a small town. If I had been in a big in a larger school I would have been average kid but I really did not fit into a "clique." I see now that I did not appreciate the friends that I did have and as a result felt lonely throughout high school.

Only about ten or so of my classmates showed up this weekend (still 25%!!!) and I'll be honest some of the people that were there I did not really like when I was in high school because of my perception of those people. I know see that they were high school kids---probably with the same doubts and concerns---the same imperfections as I did. I'm embarrassed about how I reacted to things back then. Please forgive me---I was just a stupid high school kid too.

Twenty years later, I feel like the scales have come off of my eyes and I am really happy that I went this weekend. I got to spend time will all of the people who came talking and catching up. I've also gotten a chance to talk to some of my classmates on Facebook or My Space and I've come to realize that I am pretty fortunate to grow up with the people that I did.

The people I grew up with---the Tarkio High School Class of 1989---are a pretty good group of people. People being people and especially being high school kids they were not perfect and neither was I. I need to use this experience of this weekend to teach myself to not be judgemental and to always see the good in people. I need to use this experience to realize that I need to let the Holy Spirit work through me so that I can love others.

I am very happy I got to spend time with my former classmates. I may be 20 years removed from high school but I am still learning.

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