Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Living Life with No Regrets

For centuries people have been trying to figure out when the world is going to come to an end. There have been different religions cults who claim the Bible says it's going to end on a certain date only to have to "recalculate" when the date comes and goes. Jesus says that only the Father knows when the world will end and when Jesus will come back. There is one thing I can tell you though. The world as you know it WILL end in your life time. Either Jesus will come back like He promised or . . . you are going to die. That IS the world as you know it changing.

We all hope that the end will come later as opposed to sooner but the fact of the matter is we don't know when the end will come. Last Friday night a mother on her way home from the theatre with her 14 year old daughter and mother in law was shot and killed. No one knows where the shot came from--it may have come from a rolling gun battle. Saturday night, a lady was standing on a street corner when she too was shot by a stray round fired between two cars. Last week, a 32 year old man was riding his motorcycle on his way to meet friends when he wrecked and was killed instantly. He friends continued calling and texting him asking him where he was as his body was covered up by a yellow blanket.

Finally, a young man in his early twenties was celebrating a friends birthday. He was sitting on the balcony when he fell backwards. It wasn't a tall fall, only 16 feet, but he was killed. Later when the medical examiner rolled him over the young man's belly was exposed which revealed a tattoo. The tattoo read, "No Regrets."
We have to live our life like that--with no regrets. We need to live every day of our life as if it is our last but while preparing for the next. We should leave no doubts with our loved ones that we love them. We should forgive that person now while we can. We should be happy and joyous and leave all of our concerns and worries with God.
While we should live with the "no regret" mentality, we should be careful not to live with the "live fast, die young, leave a good looking corpse" mentality. That leaves too many loopholes and the very good possibility that we aren't living with God at the center of everything. If we live life with God at the center doing His will as opposed to our own we will have lived a good life. If we take our lessons from God and lead the moral life as He wants us to do we will have loved and cared for our fellow man. If we do that then we will be spending eternity with Him and we truly will have "no regrets."


  1. Jamie, is committed to that philosophy.It is owned by a acquaintance of mine on the East Coast.He is especially concerned about our youth making poor decisions that end up tragic. You should contact him...