Thursday, July 23, 2009

Image of Pope in Emergency Room

Last week, Pope Benedict XVI, who is vacation in northern Italy, fell in the middle of the night and broke his wrist. The next morning, after mass, he was taken to the local hospital. Normally, you would think when a world leader would come into the hospital he would go to the front of the line. Pope Benedict XVI waited his turn though and let the person who was in front of him to be seen first.
I just had several humorous images of what the next guy who came into the ER saw when he walked in. Was the pope:
  1. In his full length cassock. Sitting there holding his crosier with his miter on his head? I know, I know--the crosier and miter are for liturgical purposes but I just get a kick out that image of him sitting there in the ER

  2. The news said he came after mass--but what if he would have gone there in the middle of the night in his papal PJ's. They'd be white of course--with a white robe and red slippers of course.

  3. Finally, the Pope is on vacation so would he be in his favorite vacation wear. Maybe khaki cargo shorts with flip flops, sunglasses on his head and a t-shirt that says, "I'm with stupid" with a finger pointing to his right at some cardinal who came along for the ride??

One last thought--were the Swiss guards there with their pikes, helmets and funny outfits?? Just thoughts, maybe a little on the crazy side. I fully commend the Holy Father for waiting his turn. Heck, I think any of us would slip in front of people as opposed to sitting in the ER!!


  1. This Pope is a real nice guy. Pity some people can't see this glaring fact.

    Thanks for your blog post. I always knew Catholics have humour!

    Cheers- Protestant fan of Benedict XVI

  2. Thanks for your kind words. Yeah--a bunch of us have humor. The Catholic Taliban may not like it known that you can be faithful AND joyous but it's true.

  3. A Protestant pope-fan is an oxymoron. You are not a Protestant unless you are a 'protester' of the Catholic church. That is what Protestant means. But evidently, the world has forgotten her history, and people think Protestant is just a name.

  4. Meh--I would tend to disagree. In today's world people are protestant because that's what they were raised to be and not because they are protesting anything about the Catholic Church.