Wednesday, July 15, 2009

God's Will vs My Will

Trying to do God's will SHOULD be our goal in life. Everyday we should wake up and pray for His guidance in doing what HE wants us to do. Only problem is that OUR will constantly gets in the way.
Obviously, one of our main goals in life is that we follow God's will in our vocation--whether it be the married life or the religious life (and some would say the single life). But then it seems to break down from there. What career should I pursue? Is this the person for me? Should I be a priest or a brother? Should I quit this job in order to take that one? Diocesan priest or religious order?
Sometimes the answer seems to be obvious. For instance, if you select option A it will help your career and you will make lots of money versus selection B which will leave you in a dead-end position. But what happens when you feel God pulling you elsewhere that doesn't appear to be an easy road? What if you are comfortable where you are but you are wondering if that is where God wants you to be?
I, personally, am facing that dilemma. I am happily married, great family andI have a job I love. I'm happy where I live and I have great friends. But I feel God's pull into a certain direction and to be honest that direction scares me. It is a difficult direction. It's one that will take a lot of time and sacrifices. It's a position that I'm not sure I would be good in. In the end, it will be "permanent."
I've spoken to few people about this pulling I feel, including my spiritual director, and for the most part they have been encouraging. Fortunately, for me, I'm discerning whether or not to enter a formation process that is a several year process. Fortunately for me that whole process IS a discernment process. Fortunately for me, in the end I will still have my marriage, family, job and friends. My decision will have an impact on them and that is part of the discernment process.
It makes me realize how blessed I am and have empathy for those who don't have the safety nets I do. I couldn't imagine starting out in life and wondering what direction I need to go. I couldn't imagine facing those difficult decisions that are going to have an immediate impact on their life.
Maybe in a few months, I'll announce to my friends, family and co-workers what my decision will be. For now, I'm choosing to keep it hush-hush (but for some reason giving hints about it on my blog??) Please pray for me in my discernment process and please pray for all those who are trying to decide on a vocation. May we all choose God's will over our own.


  1. God bless you in your discernment! I guess you are aware of this, but at some point your wife will need to be part of the discernment process, or at any rate consent to the decision if your decision is "yes"... though that involvement could potentially only be once you're in that formation process, which as you say, continues to be also a process of discernment.

  2. Hi Jamie,

    May God give you and your family guidance and confidence in the path He directs you to follow. Best wishes. I will pray for you.

    I'm in formation as a Daughter of St. Francis de Sales (a lay association). It's a 2-year process at minimum, and I'm about to start my second year. Please pray for me as well.

    God bless you,


  3. Thank you both for you prayers and concerns. Of course my wife will be involved and that's one reason I'm so encouraged to move onto the next step. I'm told that the family is the main emphasis throughout everything and if at any time the wife says no you can be removed from the program.