Friday, July 10, 2009

Good news and evangilizing

In this weekend's second reading, Paul expresses God's love for us (Eph 1: 3-10). He says that it was God's plan, even before the foundation of the world was laid that we would become more than just His creation--we would be made His adopted sons and daughters. He grants us mercy and forgivness for all the wrong things that we do and through the blood of His very Son we would be redeemed.

There are people out there who do not know the love that God has for them. They are seperated from God's love either through ignorance or because of sin. We must in some way or another go and proclaim God's word. We must rise from our slumber and realize that there is more for us to do. We may not be called to be prophets like Amos was in our first reading but we are called to rise for our past job as shepards--or nurses, mom, dad, policeman or whatever your vocation may be and go spread the word of God.

You may not think you have it in you to literally stand behind the pulpit and proclaim the Word of God but sometimes we have to listen to the words of St. Francis of Assisi who said, "preach the Gospel at all times. If necessary--use words." That means the best way to evangilize is by being the Christian we are called to me. For me sometimes, that seems impossible. The call and temptation is so great that it seems easier to go with the flow than to follow Christ's path. We must trust that God will give us everything we need. In the Gospel this weekend (Mk 6:7-13), Jesus sends the disciples out telling them to only carry the clothes on their back and the shoes on their feet. We must trust that God will give us everything we need to proclaim His word.

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