Monday, March 1, 2010

On Wolves, Sheepdogs and Sheep--Take 2.

Last May, I wrote about Dave Grossman's article "On Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs." My blog can be found hereif you would like to reread it. Mr. Grossman's article says in a nutshell that people can be divided into three categories: sheep, wolves and sheepdogs. I recently had a new thought about that article and mine. In my May blog, I commented on how the sheepdogs also need to be careful about those spiritual wolves and to alway seek comfort in the Shepherd.

My thought that even the sheepdogs of the world need their Shepherd made me think. While I really like the analogy of everyone in the world is either a sheep, a wolf or a sheepdog, I think we can look at the analogy another way. I believe that in the end, we are all sheep, in need of our Shepherd.

As I've already said, the sheepdog is always in need of the protection of his shepherd. But while the sheepdogs do their job of protecting the sheep they are just as helpless as the sheep. They need to be cared for and taken care of. They may put their lives on the line for the sheep but without their shepherd they are nothing.

Then we move on to the wolves of the world. There is an old expression of a wolf in sheep's clothing. In reality, the wolves of the world are instead sheep in wolf's clothing. The wolves are predators and prey on the sheep but they themselves are sheep being attacked by the true demons of the world. Satan and his minions attack all sheep and cause them to sin. Some of them he attacks to such a point that they in turn attack the other sheep. But in reality, they are not true wolves, but are also sheep that need our Lord's care and protection. Don't get me wrong, I'm not someone who says that they criminals are actually victims who shouldn't be held responsible for their actions. No--that's not the case at all. The wolves choose to wear the wolf clothing. It is, in the end, their free will that keeps the wolf costume on. They need to take it off and allow their sins to be washed away.

This brings us to the sheep of the world. I've already said that we are all sheep. I've sort of separated two types of people out already according to Mr. Grossman's article--the sheepdogs and the wolves. What about the others?? What about the sheep who don't see themselves as sheep, sheepdogs or wolves? These are the lost little sheep. They probably don't even know they are lost. They definatly won't admit to being lost and darn it to heck---they will refuse any help from a shepherd. Heck, they may even mock those who do accept help from the Shepherd. These sheep can also become wolves when they prey on other sheep not for gain but to drag them away from the shepherd and make them become lost sheep also.

I realize this is kind of scatterbrained and does not flow very well--except maybe in my mind. In the end, it's very simple we ALL need the from Jesus--the Shepherd. We are all, in reality sheep. If we turn away from Him we will become lost. The sheepdogs will become strays, the wolves will continue to pray and the sheep who refuse to follow Him will be lost.

If you are lost, fear not. It says in scripture that the shepherd will leave the 100 (probably because he knows the sheepdogs have his back) in order to go find the one lost sheep. If you are lost, allow yourself to be found. Pray for God to lead you. Pray for his forgiveness, and turn yourself over to the shepherd.


  1. Very nice. Thanks, Marie

  2. As a sheepdog, I sometimes forget that I too am led by the Sheppard. These days, it’s seems to be getting a lot tougher out there. The Sheppard seems to be spending a lot more time looking for His lost sheep, leaving us sheepdogs with more responsibility. And we love having the increased responsibility. It’s part of who we are. But we must not forget, that one day, the Sheppard will return; for all of us. Thank you for your words and thoughts.

  3. This could be summed up very efficiently with one word: scatterbrained.