Saturday, March 6, 2010


I am having to moderate my comments more closely so unfortunately I have had to change my comment setting to where I approve them prior to them being posted. The other day someone came through and make a bunch of anti-catholic posts to various posts.

I find this unfortunate because I would like comments to be posted right away in order to facilitate conversation but I can't have anti-catholic posts. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about debate and I can defend the Catholic faith, especially against the amateur and ignorant posts that were being made. But this person was using the "shotgun theory" where they were throwing everything out there on various posts and I just don't have time to go to every post and defend it, especially when the answers are in the post.

So for the time being, feel free to post, but it may take a bit for the comment to appear.


  1. I've made the same decision on my post. Unfortunately, some people seem to like to engage in verbal vandalism. It's NOT the same a healthy debate.

    I notice that Kansas Bob deals with this problem by turning off the ability to leave anonymous comments. I think that works well for him, but I chose to handle it differently. I've had some excellent anonymous comments come through, and I've known some people who are so proud of uttering tripe that they'll gladly leave their names.

    Since making the decision to moderate comments, I've only had to reject 2 or 3 comments. Several have been in Japanese, and I haven't the first idea if they're appropriate or advertising for a geisha girl. One other was full of coarse language, and it was condemned to float in cyberspace.

    Thank God most people are respectful.

  2. Yeah--At first I had it set to not accept anonymous posts but I changed it. I know sometimes people want to leave posts but not take the time to register.

    Honestly, I would have take the time to respond to the posts except they posted like ten of them and that seems like he doesn't want to dialogue as much as say what he thinks. Then get your own blog.