Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Honesty and Politicians

Someone posed a question to me on Twitter that said, "If the rest of us tried to lie daily at our jobs we'd be fired. Why do we not hold our elected officials to the same?" It was in response to my tweet about being naive for trusting politicians because I had put faith in Rep. Bart Stupak and other "pro-life" politicians who, I feel, that instead of standing up for the rights of the unborn bowed to party lines and voted for the health care resolution. I felt lied to and it was not the first time I had been lied to by a politician. I have also received a letter from my state senator in regard to the Health Care bill and the response was filled with lies.

Why don't we hold elected officials to the same standards we hold ourselves to? I know that as a police officer my word is all I have. I have to be trusted. If I'm not trusted then I may not be believed when I am testifying and a criminal may be let go. Officers who have "Brady issues" might as well consider their career over. If other people would lie to their boss or lie to co-workers they would find it difficult to to their jobs.

But there are some professions that lying seems to be considered okay. There are stereotypes of used car salesmen. Gauging by all the "lawyer" jokes that are out there, people think that attorneys are snakes. Politicians are another profession that people do not trust because they say what they have to say to get bills passed and to get re-elected. That, as they say is, politics.

But, isn't lying a sin? Aren't we, as Christians, held to a high standard? Is lying ever okay? Sure, sometimes we don't tell the truth in order to protect people. Anyone ever have a spouse say, "Do these pants make my butt look big?" Any guy who has been married for any time knows how to answer that. I've gotten in trouble because my wife will ask me how she looks and I'll tell her, "beautiful" without even looking at her. We can lie in order to protect someone. You can't say that some family in World War II was sinning if they were hiding Jews and they denied that to some Nazi soldier. And I have been known to spin a lie in order to help my kids continue to believe in the white bearded, red-suit wearing fat guy from the North Pole.

But is it okay lie in order to sell a car, in order to brokerage a deal, or in order to pass a bill? I fully understand that is how things are done. It doesn't mean that I have to accept it. I surely won't buy another car from a salesman who lies to me and I certainly won't vote for a politician who lies to me. So for those who do, I have my eye on November, 2010 and 2012.


  1. And here I thought you were ignoring me ;). (Just kidding).

    It amazes me how common-place lying as become in our society. I pray that honesty prevails - and soon!

  2. I have never felt so betrayed in my life. Every call I made over the last year was treated with disrespect. And I like you learned a lesson for 2010-2012. All I have is my word. They have none left. I will never believe them.

  3. How could I ever ignore you, Rebecca??!?!? :-)

  4. I was being nice! I always enjoy talking with you. I just try not to appear to be too stalkerish! :-)

  5. I know, just giving you a hard time (you're shocked). Yes, keeping the stalking to a minimum is a good idea, lol.

  6. This problem begins in the home. Leadership begins in the home. Our expectations of our elected leaders are partly to blame. We expect them to be snakes, liars, and cheats. People will fulfill our expectations.

    One reason we ignore/allow this behavior is we believe it is someone else responsibility. It doesn't matter who created the situation it is our charge to correct the problem.

    The best way is to teach our children and invite our neighbors to understand the principles our country and was founded on. The founding fathers knew if we do not govern ourselves, then our government will change.

    Another way to fight back is to learn the principles of wealth from those who understand them. One assumption of the current majority party is people cannot govern nor prosper without their guidance. Prove them wrong and teach your neighbor how to prove them wrong and you will embarrass the liars and cheats. God did not intend us to be routed by wolves. We were born into the most prosperous nation in the world for a reason. Prosper yourself by following those who prosper using Christ as a model for leadership. They are out there, you just must seek them out.