Thursday, November 5, 2009

Constant Vigilance!!

"CONSTANT VIGILANCE!!!" That is the battle cry of "Mad-Eye" Moody, a character from the Harry Potter series. Mad-Eye is a auror--someone who combats dark wizards. Yeah, yeah, I know--you are going to say, "All witches and wizards come from the dark-side and go against God." Okay, whatever--I enjoy the series. It doesn't mean I am going to practice witchcraft just like even though I like Star Wars, I'm not going to try to use Jedi mind tricks to convince my wife that I didn't leave the toilet seat up (it doesn't work--trust me). What is important is a lesson we can learn from a book about dealing with evil.

Mad Eye Moody tells his pupils that they must practice "constant vigilance" and to be aware that dark forces can attack you at any time from anywhere. We too need to practice constant vigilance and be aware that Satan is trying to attack us all the time. He is looking for our weak moments. He knows our faults and our vices and he is always there to tempt us with them. And the closer we become to God the stronger Satan is going to attack us.

Satan attacks us by relativism--thinking that we can decide what is right or wrong. He attacks us by thinking our past sins are so unforgivable that there is no reason to turn to God. He attacks us by making us think that God is not there. He attacks us in television, in music, in radio. He tempts us in bad jokes and in gossip. He is always there trying to find the weakness in our armor and by trying to make us sin and become separated from God.

Satan attacks us, ironically, by making us not believe in him or making us not acknowledge him. Yes--the Price of Pride is willing to humble himself in order to make us sin. He attacks us by making us think that there is no Hell. Ladies and Gentlemen, Jesus preached "love thy neighbor" and Jesus also preached that there is a Hell. We MUST listen to everything that Jesus says and be very aware that there is a Hell and not dismiss that message.

Constant Vigilance!! We must always be aware of evil. Evil is in the world. We must be alert to Satan's attacks. Fortunately, Jesus gave us weapons against evil such as prayer, the Bible, the rosary, prayer, confession, prayer, the Eucharist, prayer and oh yeah--did I mention prayer?? "Deliver us from evil." Ask God to "lead us not into temptation!" Ask for the Blessed Mother's help to combat temptation. Guys--if you see a hot girl and you start getting those thoughts and you ask for the Virgin Mary's help and for her to hold your hand you will not retain those impure thoughts.

Satan is real. Hell is real. Don't say, "But Jamie--Satan could use Harry Potter books to attack you." Yes, and he could also use "Hello Kitty." Have you seen "Hello Kitty??? Pure pure evil.