Thursday, November 12, 2009

Church Politics

Every week we are supposed to take the gospel out of the church and into the world. Sadly, sometimes there seems that sometimes the gospel does not even get out of the church and politics gets involved. Church and politics are two words that should not go together. Wherever there are people involved there are going to be people worried about their "territory."

Obviously, the bigger the stage the more politics is going to be involved. I can only imagine what type of political games go on in the diocese or larger level. I've heard stories of politics causing disasters in different denominations. I'm not sure that anything can really be done about that.

What we can work on is keeping politics out of the local level. Keep it out of the parishes and local Churches. I won't share specific stories but I am aware of stories of church politics from all across the country in different churches and different denominations. All it causes is hurt feelings and things not getting accomplished. I've seen what hurt feelings it can cause in people who are deeply rooted in their faith. I can only imagine what damage it would cause in someone who doesn't have a solid foundation in their faith.

I can easily see how pettiness on a church council or a shrew like behavior from someone in the church office could push someone away from a church. Like it or not, the behaviors of a few can be seen as a reflection as a whole on the whole congregation.

As a parishioner at Holy Family, I feel very blessed. Our parish staff is wonderful. Now, I'm sure their may be bickering as there is in any office. But from a parishioner's view point, I see a staff that bends over backwards to help the parish go forward. Whenever I call the church office, I feel like I'm calling a cherished family member and I'm happy to talk with whoever answers the telephone. I've had several situations when I've been in a pickle and they've always been there to help me out.

In the very least, the gospel has to make it out of the doors and into the office next door. So if you are on a parish staff, church council or any church group or organization and you see political type behavior, please remember the gospels and ask your self if you are a reflection of Christ.

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