Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Now On Sale for $19.99!!!

My wife, Abby, and I have agreed that we just cannot have salesmen come over to our house any more. For some reason we always fall for their pitch. Twice in the last year we have succumbed and agreed to some unwise purchase. The first one was for water filtration system and the second was for new windows for our house (and that was after being told by my window salesman uncle that they were way overpriced!!) Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed and I called them both the next day to forget about it. But I don't think we are the only ones. People fall for the fast talking salesman everyday. The late Billy Mays made a career out of it. I saw at some store they have a whole "As Seen on TV" section. People buy Sham-wows, Ginsu knives or those silly blankets with sleeves on them. (Which in reality is just a robe worn backwards!)

We buy things from these strangers who come into our homes either on television or in person and spend our money easily. Why are we so hesitant to believe the Church when she tells us what the truth is about faith and morals. We know that Jesus loved us so much that he started the Church. He put the people in place to lead it after he was gone saying whatever you say is valid here on Earth and in Heaven. Jesus said that he will be with the church until the end of times and it will never fail. Peter and the other apostles ensured that a line of succession was established for when they were gone.

Two thousand years later and the church remains. It has a lineage of popes and bishops that can be traced back to the twelve apostles. She has seen some tough times that is for sure. Many things have changed but the Catholic church has never changed any of her teachings on matter of faith and morals. Oh sure, plenty of things have changed in matters of discipline and some things have been been clarified but no teachings on faith and morals have changed.

"Just proof that the Church needs to get with the times," you might say. Society changes but truth does not. That's another reason to follow the church as opposed to the slick snake oil salesmen that try to sell us something that sounds too exciting to be true. Those salesman have another goal in mind besides our good. The churches goal is to save souls.


  1. So does that mean I have to take back the family set of Snuggies I got you guys for Christmas?

    Good post. When we came back from Colorado we stopped for Mass and the homily was amazing. One thing that really stuck out was "You are entitled to your own opinion. You are not entitled to make your own truth."

  2. Oh, boy...I would never allow a salesman in here. I live alone and don't like to be sold anything unless I initiate the inquiry. I think most people have a hard time saying no and end up feeling sorry for the guy and eventually just say yest to get rid of them...because it's easier to cancel on the phone than to say no in person. These sales people have an answer for everything - especially for no-sayers, right?

  3. Great post! It was this very realization about the Church (Her unwavering teaching on matters of faith and morals) that got me on the wagon and drove me into the garage regarding many critical teachings of the Catholic Church.