Thursday, October 26, 2017

Saying Goodbye

Last week a family friend, Rick Norris, was killed in a motorcycle accident.  This is my first time in my recent adult life that I recall someone young (49 years old) and in good health being taken away from us.  

As someone who straps on a bulletproof vest and carries a gun to work every day, it isn't uncommon for me to think of death.    I can't count the number of times over the years that I've recalled looking at the Officer Down Memorial Page and thought of Officer So-and-So from Any Town USA PD who had somehow died that day.     I imagine that officer putting the collar brass on his uniform or strapping on his duty belt the morning of his final shift just like I am doing at that moment before I go off to work.  I imagine that he must have felt it was just a normal day just like this is a normal day for me.  

And then I give my wife a quick kiss and tell her I love her as I walk out the door.   I will tell whichever of my kids is in the room I love them as I rush out.  Just in case this is the last time I'm walking out the door.  

This doesn't always happen of course.  There have been plenty of times over the years when I've been in a rush and just headed out.   Or worse yet, been angry because of a recent argument and left angry without saying a word.  

That's just when I leave.   In the mornings, I come home and go to bed as everyone else is getting ready for school or work.   They all leave in a rush so I rarely get a hug and kiss before they leave.

So, I have two favors to ask of you.    The first, is to tell your loved ones you love them.  Don't assume they know.  They cannot hear it enough.  Certainly tell them as you walk out the door.   You may not strap on a bullet proof vest and carry a gun but you never know how your day will go.

Secondly, please remember Rick, and his wife Debin, in your prayers.   Finally, help support Dogs by Debin--the dog rescue that Rick and Debin co-founded.   You can donate here.

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