Monday, December 2, 2013

Absentee Blog

When I first started Roman Catholic Cop in 2009 i posted quite a bit.  This continued into 2010 when I started to slow down.  Since then, I've been averaging a couple posts a month while sometimes going several months with no posts.  

The funny thing is----I enjoy writing.   I consider it therapeutic in some ways.   But I'm also somewhat lazy.  (My wife would argue then "somewhat" part and my eldest child will be ticked because now she knows where she inherited it from). 

So, in an attempt to bring Roman Catholic Cop back to live but not get overwhelmed by it----I'm going to try to make one post a week, at the bare minimum.  I'll try to make it every Monday---that way I can write it at any time and then schedule it to post on Monday morning.  Occasionally I may post throughout the week if it is a timely post. 

Hopefully you'll like this.  If not---if you couldn't care less, well I hope you keep it to yourself.  If not, I hope you choke on a chicken bone.  

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