Friday, April 5, 2013

Surgery Update #3

There was no room in the pediatric ICU unit, which is where Max needed to be because he has a drain in his neck so they moved him up to the burn unit-- which is an ICU Unit with the intent to move him down to the PICU if a bed became available but it never did.

Max did pretty well. Some really good times and other bad times when he was in a lot of pain. His Grandma Mary stayed until about 2 and his Grandma Dayle and Aunt Sara stayed for a couple more hours.

His Aunt Maggie came down and came into the room wearing a paper gown and rubber gloves saying they made her pour them on when she come into the unit. I don't think the nurse who saw her understood she wasn't going to a burn patient.

She stayed with Max while Abby and I went across the street to Jazz for dinner. Evidently I was the first person in 20 years to ever ask for the beans and rice with Huey, Dewy and Louis sausage.

We got back to the hospital and we were going to stay a few hours before going back to the hotel while Max slept but he started complaining about feeling all numb and having splotches. Evidently he was having an allergic reaction to something and was freaking out a little. Some Benadryl cleared it up but at that point I didn't feel comfortable leaving him there alone so I sent Abby to the hotel to sleep and shower and I stayed with Max overnight.

Trying to sleep in a chair wasn't easy but I managed for several hours. Trying to sleep in a burn unit wasn't nice either. There is a lot of pain there and people who need prayers.

Abby got to hotel about 730 and switched places with me. I went back to to hotel and got breakfast a couple hours of sleep and a shower. Abby called and said Max is going to have to stay another night because his drain is draining more fluids than they would like. But he is being moved to the pediatric wing sometime today.

So that's where we are now. Again, I'm very appreciative of everyone prayers. I know they've worked. Even if he won't admit it.


  1. Thank you for the updates. We are still praying
    Hang in there!

  2. Still praying for Max. And you and Abby. It's hard on parents when their babies are hurting. Hang in there, friend!