Thursday, April 4, 2013

Surgery Update #1

Last night we spent the night at the Fairmont Inn off of Main St so we would be closer. Had dinner at Chipotle and spent some time visiting World Market. Getting Max to sleep was difficult.

The morning came quickly and we've gotten checked in. As we were going up to the surgery area we ran into my mom who made the trip down. Max was glad to see her even it was just for a moment.

We went upstairs to waiting room #1. They gave us stickers with a random number on it (#31) so that they give up updates. And a card with another number so we can see vague updates (scheduled, pre-surgery, in operating room, post surgery and patient to room) on a monitor.

We got called back and Max got changed into a gown, booties and a hair net. He got a chuckle because I was mooning me as I helped him tie the back.

We met the nurses, the anesthesiologist and surgeons. The anesthesiologist wouldn't give me any drugs so I can be sedated though. He was very comforting though and everyone seems great.

Finally, they took him out and we went back to waiting room #2. Sara and Dayle showed up a little bit later. The surgery is scheduled for four hours and as of 0815 hours he is still showing up on the monitor as pre-surgery. I'm surprised by the amount of surgeries that go on. The nurse said they have 100 scheduled for today.

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