Wednesday, May 5, 2010

You Like Me! You REALLY Like Me!

When I first started Roman Catholic Cop a little over a year and a half ago it was for two reasons. The first was to help me learn more about my faith and for it to serve as a form of prayer for me. I figured that a by product of writing about my faith would be that I would learn more about it. It would also be a form of meditation because by sitting thinking about what I was going to blog I would in essence, be asking for the Holy Spirit's guidance and then putting what I felt He was telling me down on paper. The second reason was to share and explain my faith with others. Over the years, I've gotten into heated debates with others on different forums about my faith (the internet is serious business you know) and I felt that a blog would be someplace that I could tell people about my faith instead of having to re-write the same explanation every time I would have a "discussion."

One thing that I've had to remind myself sometimes though is that my blog IS for me and is for me to get closer to God. A by-product is that others can use it to get closer to God also. It's made more difficult because I have a stat counter on the website so I can see how many people come to my site every day and where they are from. It's neat to see that someone from the Philippines or England is reading what you wrote. It's neat to see that someone new is "following" you. I've done well though. I've been excited when the blog has gotten a lot of hits some days and but I don't get upset when it gets below it's average.

Obviously, even though I try to keep it for me and keep it applicable to me it is exciting when I can see the Holy Spirit working through me and reaching other people. It's nice when others tell me they enjoy reading my writings. I understand that my good posts are when He works through me and the bad ones are all mine. I can stay humble--I AM after all, one of the most humble people I know. :-)

It was nice last week when I received a "tweet" from @DanielleBean telling me congratulations for being nominated in the "Best Spiritual Treat" in the 2010 Cannonball Catholic Blog Awards. And then last night, I got an email telling me that Roman Catholic Cop was selected one of the top fifty Catholic blogs by Online Christian Colleges blog.

It's quite the honor to know that other people enjoy reading my blog. Like I said, if my writing reaches you it's the Holy Spirit working through me. He has shown this to me because several times I've written things that seemed easy to write and many people enjoyed and other times the I've worked hard on a blog and it didn't seem to reach anyone. Thank-you all for encouraging me.


  1. Congrats on your nominations!

  2. Congratulations on your nomination and your blog's special mention. That's awesome! It takes guts to dedicate an entire blog to the Catholic Religion. I live in the bible belt of the deep south and being Catholic is just not popular around here. At first everyone wanted to "convert" me or drag me to their churches (whatever their church de jour was at the time) but I not only stuck to my guns, but also putone of the Pope's Visit stickers on my front windshield and one Catholic sticker on my back bumper of muy car, so people know where I stand. Why would I want to be anyting else but Catholic?

  3. haha Love the Sally Field photo & reference (I can hear her voice now....) LOL

    Enjoy reading your blog!

  4. Love the Sally Field photo & tagline! (I can hear her voice now....) LOL

    Love reading your blog!