Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pure Manhood by Jason Evert

I've heard of Jason Evert for year. Jason is a---wait for it--a "chastity speaker." Wait, wait, wait--don't leave yet! He really knows how to speak to kids in a way that reaches them and makes them listen and not tune out the message. I've taught from his book "Theology of the Body for Teens" and I had the opportunity to see him and his wife, Crystalina, speak last November at NCYC here in Kansas City. It was an amazing sight to see, 20,000 kids listening intently to two speakers tell them why they should go against the cultural norm when it comes to sex.

So, a couple months later, I had an opportunity to pick up one of Jason's books, "Pure Manhood." I use the term "book" loosely because it could really be called a long pamphlet. It's only about 3 inches wide by six inches tall and is only about fifty pages long. It may be small but it really packs a wallop. In short little pieces, it covers a variety of sexual topics in question and answer form. The questions range from:
  • What do girls want
  • If she's willing to do it, why is it wrong
  • How are you supposed to keep your mind pure
  • What's wrong with porn. You aren't hurting anyone
  • What about masterbation
  • What about safe sex
  • How do you know if God wants you to be a priest
  • How do you stay pure (gives ten suggestions)
Now that I think about it, I wouldn't call it a pamphlet. I would call it a "primer book." It covers so many topics and gives simple concise answers that hopefully it will spark someone's interest and want to seek out more knowledge and possibly change their life around.

As I was reading "Pure Manhood," I kept thinking, "This will be a good book for my son Max in a couple of years when he hits puberty. Then I realized, heck--this is a good book for me as a simple reminder not only so I can speak to others about being pure but when I am facing my own purity challenges.

I think this book would be an excellent book to purchase for your son or any young man. Perhaps you can give it as a confirmation present. Perhaps you can use it to spark an intelligent discussion between you and your son---maybe you and your husband. But girls, don't feel left out. Jason's wife, Crystilina, wrote a female version, "Pure Womanhood."

This review was written as part of the Catholic book Reviewer program from The Catholic Company. Visit The Catholic Company to find more information on Pure Manhood.


  1. Wow, what great books. The world is so confusing for the young because so many parents are confused with keeping with the trends. TRENDS yiks. I am 58 and still am driven to read the books. Thanks for bring them to light.

  2. I love it when they have John and Crystilina Evert on Catholic Radio. They are so easy to listen to and present the case for purity so well.

  3. Hmmm, I will have to check out the Everts - this is the first I've heard of them, but it sounds great!

  4. I heard this book has homophobic content. I know Catholics are not for homosexuality,but we shouldn't be preaching division, and lies.

  5. There isn't any "homophobic" content. I don't recall what it says about homosexuality. If it does, I imagine it only says what the Catholic Church teaches about homosexuality---that homosexual acts are wrong. That isn't preaching division--it's only preaching truth.

  6. Just found this book on my 16 year old son's nightstand, read it from cover to cover, great stuff!!! Can't wait to "casually mention" the book and get his take on it, great way to keep the purity convo going!

  7. I just found this book on my 16 yo son's nightstand, great way to continue to convo, proud mama moment!