Monday, August 24, 2009

Stoked for NCYC

Do you sometimes wonder about the future of the church?? Do you look around and only see old farts waiting to die?? Does the church seem stale and boring??

Well, the future is here. It is young and vibrant. There are young people who are full of zeal and passion for the Lord. They are excited about their faith and they are bringing that excitement to Kansas City, Missouri this November during the National Catholic Youth Conference.

On November 19-21st, nearly 25,000 catholic youth are going to be taking over downtown Kanss City. The theme is Christ Reigns and the general sessions will be held at Sprint Arena with other sessions at Bartle Hall.

If you have never been NCYC then you are missing out. I attended the one in 2001 in Indianapolis and it is truly breathtaking. As someone who assists with confirmation classes it is truly refreshing to see teens with such passion and love for God.

I was able to get a glimpse of NCYC at a youth rally this weekend here in Kansas City and had a really good time. There was a band composed of several young singers from area parishes and we got a sampling of the songs that will be sung at this fall. There were only a few hundred kids from around the KC Metro area there but it was enough to get a person excited if they already weren't.

One of the things I am eager to see it Eucharistic Adoration in the Sprint Arena. The same place that has held concerts for Garth Brooks and the Jonas Brothers will now have 25000 kids showing love and respect for Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament. This will be followed by a Eucharistic Procession through the Power and Light District to Bartle Hall. I seriously want video.

If you are a parent or just an adult in the Kansas City area who wants to help I know they are looking for volunteers. Go to the website for the Archdiocese of Kansas City, Kansas to sign up.

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