Wednesday, August 26, 2009

An Experiance

I walked to the front and partook like I've done hundreds of times in the past

but this time as I returned to my spot something different happened.

Instead of the same routine, the world I knew was there in theory transformed in front of me into reality.

Jesus was there

Mary was hugging me

The question that must have been haunting me came to mind:

"How can I get here? I fear making a mistake and failing."

Jesus says to me, "How can you fail when you have all of these people behind you."

Suddenly around me were my loved ones who have passed.

Grandparents, uncles among others looking at me with a smile, love in their eyes.

Past them I saw a swarms of saints as if they were fans in a stadum cheering me on.

Jesus then put my arm around his neck and his arm around my body and lifted me off of my knees.

He started carrying me and I realized that the only thing that can stop me from reaching the finish line is me.

I didn't want to leave but the song was over

I opened my eyes and sat back down

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