Saturday, June 6, 2009

Top 5 Saints

Not in the deep thought mindset today but I'm interested---who is every one's favorite saints? Post a comment and let me know.
For the record mine are:

1. St. Michael the Archangel--patron saint of police officers
2. Mary---no brainer. Don't want to tick off Jesus by leaving His mom off of the list
3. St. Josemaria--founder of Opus Dei. I love his readings. Want something to meditate on?? Get "The Way" It have a ton of little quote that are great for meditations.
4. St. Augustine--total sinner turned saint. Gives me hope!
5. St Anthony of Padua--he helps me find things!!! Don't believe me? Check out my story below.

So list your top five saints in the comment section and remember JPII isn't a saint---yet.

St. Anthony of Padua story--several years ago while at work I got into a foot chase. I know--crazy huh?? At some point during the foot chase I lost my personal car keys and didn't realize it until the morning at the end of my shift. My partner and I drove down to where the foot chase and gave it a cursory look with no luck.

So that day I prayed to St. Anthony--the patron saint of lost things.

That night my co-workers and I went back out to look again. Now this was in the fall and the ground was covered with leaves. As I was walking back to where I thought the keys may be I happened to kick a leaf and there my car keys were--in an area that I did not think they would be!! I have no doubt that St. Anthony led me there.


  1. St. Benedict of Nursia, St. Bernard of Clairvauz, St. Macina the Elder, St. Bernadette Soubirou, St. Faustina, St. Anthony of Padua, ....oh, but there are so many! And our Blessed Mother and the archangels are a given :-D

  2. I have a special fondness for the 16 saints in the stained-glass windows at the St. Leo Abbey, in Florida.

    On the West side, left side, as I enter the church, from the back of the church to the front, there are 4 pairs of saints. So, they grouped by twos.

    Therese of Lisieux
    Teresa of Avila

    John Bosco
    Aloysius Gonzaga

    Thomas Aquinas
    Augustine of Hippo

    Patrick of Ireland
    Gregory the Great

    On the right side, the east side as I enter, going from back to front of the church are the following saints:

    Walburg of Heidenheim
    Gertrude the Great

    Dominic Guzman
    Francis of Sales

    Francis of Assisi
    Charles Borromeo

    Paul of Tarsus
    Simon Peter

  3. 1) The Blessed Mother
    2) St. Charles Borromeo - Patron Saint of Catechists and my namesake. :)
    3) St. Francis of Assisi - I went to a Franciscan High School and have connected with him ever since.
    4) St. Dominic - Thank you for getting the Rosary for us!! :)
    5) St. Michael the Archangel - he protects us.

  4. St. Francis de Sales, who wrote practical advice on how to be holy.

    St. Anthony, who has come through on several occasions, the first of which I wrote about here: