Tuesday, June 9, 2009

To be a child . . .

I just finished day 1 of 4 of Cub Scout Day Camp. This is my third year in a row out there and every time I'm there I'm reminded of one thing---not only is my son normal, he is actually a pretty good kid. I have to admit---most of the time I think of a quote from Hank Hill--"That boy just ain't right."

It's important to spend time with children. It should remind us how child like we are in our own spiritual life. Too often we tend to act like we know everything. We are adults after all aren't we?? We know what we are doing. That is the basis of the original sin though--we thinking that we know things even better than God.

We try to control our lives too much and leave God out of the picture. We try to put an infinite God into a box that our finite minds can understand.

We must live our lives as if we are children--giving our entire trust to God. Humbling ourselves before Him.

St. Josemaria Escriva said, "Don't try to be older. A child, always a child, even when you are dying of old age. When a child stumbles and falls, nobody is surprised, and his Father promptly picks him up.
When the person who stumbles is and falls is older, the immediate reaction is one of laughter. Sometimes, after this first impulse, the laughter gives way to pity. But older people have to get up by themselves.
Your sad experience is that each day is full of stumbles and falls. What would become of you if you were not continually more of a child?
Don't try to be older. Be a child, and when you stumble my your Father God pick you up by the hand."

It is so important that be children like those Cub Scouts at day camp---not by telling fart jokes, rough housing or picking your nose--but by having total trust in the Father, realizing that we don't have all of the answers and by taking joy in the simple things.

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  1. You are so right.....
    Sometimes when my girls are doing something and I tell them to stop or I get on to them, I have to stop and laugh. It is like I am telling them' "hey you....stop being 5 years old!" And when they want to walk through water puddles and I tell them "nooooo", I stop and think, pffft why not? Let's just run and jump in the largest water puddle we can find! Your right, don't be afraid to let that child inside you be a child........