Friday, June 12, 2009

Learning to Listen

Three days of Cub Scout Day Camp are in the books and one more to go. I find it interesting how many lessons God can give you in a three day period. Maybe I need to open my eyes and my ears and perhaps I'll find He is giving me lessons like these all of the time.

There are several mud puddles and areas of standing water at the Fair Grounds due to all of the rain we have been having. The other day I saw two little Cubs from my pack standing across the road and right next to one of these puddles. I yelled at them to get back over to where the rest of the pack was. These two proceeded to look right at me, turn around and walk further away. I had to go over and bring them back to the pack area.

Isn't that exactly what we do when we sin?? God has given us knowledge of what is right or wrong either through scripture or through the teachings of the Church. So He is yelling at us to stay the heck away from that puddle and to come back to Him but we choose to do what we want and to continue to walk away. We act like we know better than Him or continue to do what we want despite knowing that He knows better.

I know that He loves us so much that He gives us free will . Sometimes I wish he would march across that road and bring us back to the pack area and make us stand with our nose in the corner so we have time to think about what we've done. Maybe He does in His own way. Maybe that will be my next lesson---I hope I keep my eyes and ears open for it.

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  1. Ahhh, but He does in his own's called guilt ;)