Monday, April 27, 2009

What is wrong with our Catholic Universites??

It seems to me that some of the major Catholic Universities in the United States are Catholic in name only.

Last month, Notre Dame caused controversy when it not only invited President Obama to give the keynote address at this years commencement ceremony but also announced that they were going to give him an honorary degree in law. President Obama is the most pro-abortion president in the history of the United States. I do not think there is any argument against this. Shortly after becoming president, he overturned the Mexico City policy which will send taxpayer money to support or perform abortions in other countries. He is in the process of overturning conscious protections that would force doctors to perform abortions even when they believe they are wrong, he has signed an executive order to fund embryonic stem cell research with taxpayer money. Time after time, his political appointees are pro-abortion---Kathleen Sebelius for example.

The Roman Catholic Church teaches that life begins at conception and that all life is sacred. It teaches that abortion is an intrinsic evil that can never be condoned. Several years ago, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops published a document that in a nutshell stated that when voting Catholics need to look at a broad variety of categories, especially if a candidate is pro-choice or not.

So, for a Catholic University, especially a major one like Notre Dame to invite President Obama to their graduation and to give him an honoree degree is very scandalous. A Catholic University should not honor anyone with a pro-abortion record like President Obama that directly conflict with Catholic Teaching.

There is a petition at urging the University of Notre Dame and it's president Fr. John Jenkins to rescind it's invitation to it's commencement ceremony. Currently, there have been over 300,000 signatures, including bishops from around the country.

The second scandal occurred last week at Georgetown University. President Obama came to the university to give a speech on the economy. Over the podium were the initials "I.H.S." in gold lettering. To put is simply, I.H.S. is a monogram for the name of Jesus Christ. The initials were covered up during President Obama's speech. Georgetown officials stated it was covered up at the request of the White House. The White House denied those claims. While some anger should be expressed towards the White House for making the request, more outrage should be expressed at Georgetown for allowing it. Under no circumstances, should the name of Jesus Christ be covered up.

Catholic Universities in this country need to get back to their Catholic roots and fundamentals. Everything it does, from education, to research, needs to be done with Jesus in mind.

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