Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Honesty, Humility, Discipline

I nearly missed mass on Sunday. It was a rough day. I had gone camping the night before and didn't get any sleep. I had to work the Royals game, had an NCYC meeting, and then was going to an off duty job that was going to last over night. I really needed some sleep.
A thought I had made me get off my butt and go. Actually two thoughts--one was that it would be a mortal sin to miss mass and I'd got to hell (and you thought it was some pre-Vatican II teaching--nope, still true). The second and more important thought was something the priest told me in confession last time I missed mass.
It was the same situation--crazy weekend and I was just exhausted so I missed mass. But I went to confession lest I die in a tragic farming accident and spend eternity in fiery torment. I was actually surprised. I had gone to confession a couple weeks prior for something I was really embarrassed about. I had gotten off easy then and thought this would go just as easy. I have to admit though, I kind of got my butt chewed a little.
The priest, actually Monsignor Blacet from Our Lady of Good Counsel, gave me some great spiritual advice. He told me that when we miss mass it is like telling God, "Don't worry, Lord, I don't need your help today." He went on to explain how that is very conceited of us to think we don't need God's help especially when we need it the most. The graces that we receive from the Eucharist help us to live our lives the way we should. The Eucharist we receive at mass gives us strength and nourishment. I realized that the term "obligation" didn't mean just to God but to ourselves and how silly are we to pass up such an amazing gift.
There are three things that we need to remember in regard to the spiritual life (these are loosely taken from St. Faustina
#1--complete honesty and sincerity--The soul must be completely honest and sincere with itself. To hold back does it no favor because God already knows all anyway. She says that an "insincere, secretive soul risks great dangers in the spiritual life.
#2-humility--Pride does us no good. We must be humble to see our failings and realize that we cannot make the strides we want to make in the spiritual life by ourselves. We MUST turn to God and allow Him to work in us.
#3-discipline--We have to discipline our selves to set aside time for God every day. We need to make sure we pray, that we attend mass, and go to confession regularly. If we don't do this we will just be floating around aimlessly.
I have to say that I am spiritually lacking in all three of these categories. So please--remember me in your prayers as I remember you. That is, assuming I have the disciple to make time for prayer.

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  1. If you are willing to post something like this, you must at least be making some progress on #2.