Monday, March 25, 2013

Maintaining Relationships

About a month ago, my wife, Abby and I were trying to watch the latest episode of "Justified" on television when one of my kids kept coming in wanting our attention.  Abby said to him, "If you want mommy and daddy to always be together, you'll give us some alone time."

I was thinking about that and I believe that is one of the reasons for our longevity---we always make time to just be with each other.   We are always talking on the phone.   It's rare that we go more than a coupe weeks without going out to eat alone---either lunch or dinner.  Heck, a couple of weeks ago, we spent a weekend night at a nice hotel downtown---just because.

Because of out choosing to spend time in each other's presence, we have a very healthy marriage and still enjoy making our kids cringe by our hugging and our kissing.  This summer we will be married for twenty years.  Now, I realize that twenty years isn't fifty years but I'm proud of it.  Heck, I'm just surprised that anyone could have put up with me for one year.

Our healthy marriage means that we are there for each other when things get bad.  A bad day at work means we can vent on each other.   We are there to hold each other up when our kids are sick.   We push and pull each other towards sainthood (she does most of the pushing and pulling)

The same thing can be said for our relationship with God.   We need to have a constant interaction with God.    Prayer should be a constant interaction and not just something you do when you need something.   We should be frequenting Eucharist and Confession.   We should frequently be talking with God.   This ensures that we are familiar with Him and can more easily go to Him when He is needed.

I've seen two examples of holy women who were able to easily go to God in times of turmoil.    One woman has been able to find consolation in the Eucharist after a loss.    The other woman's first instinct upon hearing bad news was to turn to her Bible and receive consolation.   The second instinct was to go to Jesus in the Eucharist at daily mass.    These women, I believe, found counsel in God easier when things were tough than if they had not already formed that relationship with God.   They knew He is there in stormy seas.

If you haven't prayed recently.  If you don't have that strong relationship with God---start today.  It's Holy Week---why not now???

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