Friday, March 29, 2013

Bearded Men

Duck Dynasty is a popular show on A&E.  It involves a family from West Monroe, LA who started making duck calls and turned that company into a multi-million dollar company.    But at heart, they are still rednecks.  They love hunting and the outdoors.  They enjoys family and home made cooking.   They wear camo and have long beards.   They are simple, loving people who have done great things.

It is interesting how simple people can do great things.   Today is Good Friday.  A day when we remember another bearded man-- a simple carpenter from a small, out of the way town in Isreal challenged the authorities and was tortured and put to death.    His following of other simple men, fishermen and tax collectors, took this man's teachings and spread them. 

People are surprised by the Robertson's success.  How are these guys able to do as well as they have?  Well, if the Robertson's success is incredible, how much more incredible is the sucess of Christianity?  Sure, on the surface the Robertson's might not seem the sharpest tools in the shed but they have education.  They have technology.  They have each other.   But Christianity did not have all of that.  

Jesus came out of no where.  He was raised in Nazarath.   He didn't have education yet his words have been copied, studied and prayed over for 2000 years.  .  After the resurection, the apostles seperated and each went different places.   The story of Jesus and his teaching was spread by word of mouth for the first few centuries. Yet today, Christianity is one of the world's major religions.  

The Robertson's should be commended for their accomplishments.   They have gotten where they are by hard work, intelliegence and dedication.  I would be willing to say that if you asked them, there would be something else that they would give credit to for their success----the grace of God.    I believe the grace of God is totally responsible for the rise and sucess of Christianity.   What Jesus said is true---He is the Lord, the son of god and the

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