Monday, August 27, 2012

Sam's Baptism

Yesterday my nephew, Samuel James (who happens to be the second son of Maggie Crawford of From The Heart fame and Ryan Crawford), was baptized by Fr. Vince Rogers at St. Andrew the Apostle in Gladstone.  Conner Crawford is his godfather and Michelle Hughes from Endless Strength.   Afterwards, we went and had dinner at Smokehouse Bar-B-Q and finally some Yogurtini to celebrate my daughter Emma's 17th birthday.

I thought I'd share some photos.  

First, of the Church:

The sanctuary

 The crucifix over the tabernacle.  The crucifix has several first class relics in it

The Virgin Mary and baby Jesus

St. Joseph

St. Therese of Lisiux

St. Michael the Archangel

Washing away all original sin
Ryan, Maggie, Fr. Rogers and Sam

My family--my mom, my son Max, my wife Abby, me, my daughter Emma, Maggie and Sam, Ryan holding Joe and my daughter Molly.
I have lots more photos but I don't want to steal Maggie's thunder too much so keep an eye on her blog.  I'm sure she will post some more soon.

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  1. Hey Jamie, those are third class relics in the crucifix. I'm not sure of the "order" of relics, but I believe that most first class relics become third class relics as soon as they are touched by earthly hands or something like that (I'd have to look it up...) But anyway, it's still pretty cool to have all those relics in our crucifix. :)