Friday, May 18, 2012

Defending Marriage

Last week President Obama came out in support of "gay marriage."   Newsweek championed him as the "First Gay President."  I have to admit that I'm a little confused.   I'm confused as to why President Obama supporting gay marriage is a surprise.  Did anyone really believe that he was against it?  I'm confused as to why people who believe homosexuality as wrong are branded as bigots.  If we are supposed to be all open minded, why don't people question why they believe homosexuality is wrong instead of lumping them in a broad catagory?  Or are they afraid of what the reasoning may be?  Finally,  I'm a little confused as to where I stand on the whole question of "gay marriage."  Will the world fall apart if homosexuals are allowed to marry?

Don't get me wrong---I fully understand and believe the Catholic Church's teaching that marriage is a sacrament between a man and a woman and that partaking in a homosexual act is a sin.   That being said, I think that marriage has been bastardized almost beyond all recognition by heterosexuals and by Christians.    I feel like marriage has not been defended for what it is for too long and I wonder if, as a society, we are capable of looking at it for what it is supposed to be.   How are we supposed to look at marriage as sacred when weddings, which are supposed to be holy, sacred moments are trashed by drive up wedding chapels or "bridezillas?"    How are we supposed to look at marriage as a sacred bond that no human can break when the divorce rate is at 50% and accepted in many protestant denominations?

That being said, how can homosexuality be thought of as wrong when sex, which is supposed to be a beautiful act between a husband and a wife showing that they love each other so much that they will give each other their all and accept the child that comes from that act of love when sex before marriage is widely accepted or when even sex between a husband and wife is tarnished to a act where one spouse uses the other for their own pleasure and does not accept the child that may result from that act?

Yes, I believe that engaging in homosexual acts is a mortal sin.  I also believe that it is a mortal sin to have sex outside of marriage--either before marriage or with another person while married.   I believe that contracepted sex inside or outside of marriage is a mortal sin.   I also believe that marriage to another after a divorce is a mortal sin.   These are not easy teachings of the church, especially in today's society.   And because it's a difficult teaching, I think we, as Christians, have turned a blind eye to it and now sex before marriage, contraception and divorce are acceptable in today's society.  If those grave acts are acceptable, when why are we shocked to find that "gay marriage" is the next step?

Why should we take a step against "gay marriage?"  Because, the family unit---the unit of husband, wife and children are supposed to be the basic foundation of our society.  Our society is in disrepair and we have a responsibility to stop stepping aside and defend our beliefs.    We have to defend marriage by saying that sex outside of marriage is wrong, by saying contraception is wrong, and by saying that divorce is wrong just as loud as we are saying that "gay marriage" is wrong.

Some say that we should just let others live their lives and not force our beliefs on others.  I'm sure what I'm saying will anger many people.  I'm sure some will call me names.   But we have a responsibility to spread the gospel and part of that is to preach the truth in love so that others may see truth and choose to live in a way pleasing to God.   I think that to say keep quiet is the more hateful thing.


  1. The "why bother" school of thought sounds like "now that I've robbed you, broken your nose, and knocked you to the ground, a kick to the gut shouldn't matter, right?"

  2. Tank you and keep talking

    God will Bless you.