Monday, February 27, 2012

My One Thing--1st Sunday of Lent

I really need to realize that it's not so difficult to log in to Blogger and do this.  This is my "one thing" that I took from mass last weekend.---here is week 7 of Ordinary Time as well as week 1 of Lent.

1st Sunday in Lent @ Holy Family by Fr. Matthew: "Start every day by thinking, 'Even if I totally blow it--God still loves me.'  Then strive for excellence."

7th Sunday in Ordinary Time @ Holy Family by Fr. Matthew: "In order to be truly whole and to enjoy complete well being, we must let God into our hearts and into our lives."

6th Sunday in Ordinary Time @ St Andrew the Apostle by Fr. Rogers: "What leprosy does to the body, so sin does to the soul."

5th Sunday in Ordinary Time @ Holy Family by Fr. Matthew: "We all need people in our lives to comfort us and to challenge us."

Aunt Joy's Funeral at St Peter the Apostle in Joplin, MO by Fr. Jay: "We should live life right up to the edge but to be careful not to go over."

2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time, 5:00 Saturday Evening mass at Holy Family: "We are running out of time so the time for change is now--the time for grace is now."

Epiphany--6:30 Sunday evening mass at St. Andrew's the Apostle: "If we are truly living out our Catholic identity then we should expect to be a little weird."

Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God, 5:00 Saturday Evening mass at Holy Family: "God calls us to peace in the midst of chaos." 

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