Monday, December 5, 2011

We Are Not Alone

Why does things that are good for you have to be so difficult?  Why can't greasy hamburgers and fries clear out  cholesterol instead of cause it?   Why does going to the gym have to be so painful?  Why does sin have to be so much fun?   Yeah, I realize that if these are the horrible problems we have to suffer through in a first world country then we don't have a lot to complain about but it's my blog so I can ponder them if I want.

I don't think life is ever really perfect.  It may be stable but we always seem to be facing some sort of tribulation.   If we aren't, then are we really pushing ourselves towards perfection?  Maybe today it's something small like pushing away a piece of German chocolate cake because you've already had a piece or having to study for a test instead of watching something on Hulu.  Maybe it's something bigger like separating yourself from a friend because you know they aren't good for you or maybe it's not knowing if a meeting you are going to is going to change your life.  Hopefully, it's not something huge like a death in the family or a painful disease.

Big or small . . . life is never perfect to us in our Earthly state.   And it's okay to be concerned.   It is important to realize that we are never alone.  God loves us and is always with us and as long we long that God's will is done we will reach that perfection.  That is God's will---that we reach perfection and are able to be face to face with Him in heaven.  So, we suffer through tribulations in order to make sure that we are where God wants us to be in life because we know He will take care of us and if we are blessed, we can help others reach that perfection.

Nope.  We are never alone.  Not only is God always there but as members of the Body of Christ we have others to help us.   We have family members to support and help us.  We have friends who are there not only to listen and give moral support but to serve as models to strive for.  We have the Saints and a giant cloud of witness cheering us on in this crazy race.  And we have others that need our help.

It's all about reaching perfection.   It's never easy.  To do so we have to break the chains of sin that is gluttony and sloth and anger and lust.  God is there to give us the grace we need today.  Our friends and family are there to support us.  We are not alone.

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