Monday, July 18, 2011


Okay, I've been slacking.  Not only on this blog, as you can tell, but also in my physical and spirtual life.

Therefore; I'm setting some goals and to help keep myself accountable, I am taking a page from my sister, Maggie.  She has been posting her weight loss (way to go, Maggie--or should I say "weight to go!") on her blog and am going to post how I'm doing on my blog.   I' think it'll be an incentive for me to actually reach these goals if I have to post in a public way how I've succeeded or failed.

So, in regard to my blog, I'm going to try to make 2-3 posts a week.   I've found when I blog I do better in my spirtual life.

Also, in my spirtual life my goals are:
*fifteen minutes of meditative prayer, in addition to morning and evening prayer
*make one holy hour and/or weekly mass a week
*confession once a month

In my physical life:
*CrossFit four times a week.  I've been slacking real bad since January and I'm feeling myself lose the gains I made---or is it "gaining the losses I've made
*eating healthier--we've slipped back into our eating out A LOT lifestyle and it's just getting too expensive.  So, I'm going to do better as far as planning my means, which ensures that I eat healthier.

Sooooooooo, I guess I'll report back next Monday---we'll see.  Those of you who know how to get ahold of me. . . . I'm holding you accountable for holding me accountable.  :-)


  1. Good luck, Jamie!

  2. Glad you will be back - you've been missed! And I know what you mean about using the blog for accountability.