Friday, September 24, 2010

Why Am I Here?

One of life's most pondered questions is "Why am I here?" or "What is my purpose in life?" We imagine guru's sitting on mountain tops meditating to those questions. Ironically, the answer used to be taught to elementary kids for decades in their CCD classes but we have seemed to have forgotten the answer. The Baltimore Catechism gives the the answer very simply, "God made us to know Him, to love Him and to serve Him in this world, and to be happy with Him for ever in Heaven". Very simply, God made us to for relationship with Him. We need to remember this and think of it through out our lives.

Too often we go through life seeking happiness without trying to involve God. Too often we go through life seeking happiness while trying to omit God because we don't think our happiness lies with him or more importantly we don't want the answer he gives us. That's so ironic since we are made in His image and likeness and we made for relationship with Him. Rich or poor, married or single, healthy or ill--there is no way that we will ever be truly be happy until we are with Him. St. Augustine put it very well when he said, "My heart is restless, oh Lord, until it rests with you."

What does this mean for us? It means we need to involve Him in our lives and not just an hour at week when we are at church. We need to ask for his assistance and guidance in all of our life decisions. We need to ask Him how or why things are occurring. Ask, "Lord, is this the job for me, is this the man or woman for me, why is this happening to me." Involve Him in even the small decisions of our lives, "Lord, help me to spend money wisely as I go shopping today." Most importantly is the prayer, "Lord, let your will be done and not my own."

When we ask that God's will be done and not our own we trust in God. Considering He created the world out of nothingness that is a good place to put our trust. If we don't seek relationship with God we are only going through the motions. We are just simple animals seeking out life's pleasures--seeking out what makes us happy for the moment. We weren't made just to participate in life. We transcend life--we have a high calling and that is why we should always put God first in our lives.

This is sometimes difficult.  I'm not dumb.  I know that it's difficult to always put God first and to try to do His will because God's will is not always what we want.  Heck, I'm the poster boy for pushing God aside to do what I want.  And I really have no excuse. God's been good to me.  Yet, I seem to mess up my priorities and put a million and one things ahead of God.  I haven't prayed yet today, but I made time to watch the season premier of "The Office" on DVR.   I have a book on meditation that is screaming at me to read but I'm going to go clean the refrigerator.   If cleaning the fridge isn't pushing God aside I don't know what is.

So why are we here?  If we keep that answer in mind . . . to know God, to love God, and to serve God in this life and to be happy with him in Heaven then the real question to ponder is, "How is this going to help me find holiness."  Is what you are doing know going to make you a holier person?  Is this person you are with going to help you get to Heaven?

We all have purposes in life.  We all have different vocations.  I believe that God has different missions for us and we have different life encounters in order to fulfill those missions.    But we must always stay focused on our ultimate mission to love God with all of our hearts and all of our souls.


  1. What a great post! I have been writing a manuscript and one of my chapters is about this very thing. Would you mind if I quoted you?

  2. Do you know where in Augustine's writings is the referenc to spending money wisely?

  3. hi. i want to basically teach this lesson to my youth group. im looking for a fictional and/or an entertaining story that shares this message. any suggestions?