Thursday, April 15, 2010

Jesus Today

My little sister, Maggie, wrote yesterday in her "From the Heart" blog about a discussion she had with her husband about what Jesus was like and what he would be like if he was alive today--what would he wear, what type of job would he have today. We had been texting each other while she was writing the article (we never really talk on the phone--we just text) so I figured it was only fair that I piggyback off of her blog and add my own two cents.

I think for the last 35 years, thanks to such shows as "Jesus Christ, Superstar" and others we have sort of developed the image of Jesus as kind of a hippie. Long hair, sandals, not really working, sitting around and discussing the problems of the world. Even Maggie's husband said that if Jesus were alive today he would, "drive barefoot in a 1967 Volkswagon bus." Well, Ryan grew up in the Brookside neighborhood of Kansas City--the land of yuppies and old hippies so I can see why he would think that. (Maggie, you don't need to call mom to complain about me I'll save you the time and tell you what she will say, "Maggie, you know that's just Jamie--he's just a big butt head sometimes.) :-)

What would Jesus wear today? What job would he have today? Then other questions start popping up in your head. What movies would Jesus like? Would he like Mexican food (or, as they call it in Mexico--"food") What type of car would Jesus drive? Would he be in a minivan. I definitely not a Smart Car--probably one of those big old vans so he could haul the apostles around. Would he be fighting allergies right now like everyone else is? I'm pretty sure he wouldn't like soccer. He's definitely a baseball man.

It's a fun little game and you could probably go on all day with it. Heck, you could even change people. Would Abraham Lincoln need a teleprompter? Would Napoleon wear camouflage utilities instead of a big hat?

What is important is to reflect on who Jesus was, who Jesus is. If I could travel through time and be with the crowds of people or even sit with him and the apostles would be an amazing experience. We would have an advantage that the apostles did not have. It seems that even though they were told that he was the Messiah or that he was the son of God it didn't really seem like it sunk in. But we would know the future. We would know about his death, resurrection and the spread of Christianity. But we couldn't be a fly on the wall because we would have that knowledge. I would probably fall flat on my face in awe. Would I break down in tears? Would he look at me with a smirk because he knows who I am?

To sit in his presence though . . . to listen to the parables first hand . . . to see him perform miracle----I don't think words could describe it. I think that to even try to even imagine it is like pondering what it will be like when we are (hopefully) experiencing the beatific vision of God in Heaven. It will be like nothing we can imagine.

I think it is natural for us to imagine what Jesus would be like today. We understand that which is around us the most so we want to put Jesus in the surroundings we are familiar with so that we can understand Him better. Two things that I do know: Jesus IS with me now and he will be with me for eternity and Jesus doesn't like "American Idol."

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  1. I really enjoyed your post today, Jesus is all these things and more......:-) Hugs