Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Masonry Unmasked

There are many fraternal organizations out there where men can meet, network, bond and do all types of men type stuff such as Rotary Club and Lions Club. These organizations normally do all types or good work in the neighborhoods and communities that they are in. One of these organizations--Masonry--and the Roman Catholic Church have not played well together. In fact, the Roman Catholic Church has said that anyone who becomes a Mason is automatically excommunitcated. That is a harsh punishment. Why is this? What is Masonry and what is it about Masonry that the Catholic Church doesn't like? Does the Catholic Church still say that Catholic's cannot be Masons?

These answers and more can be found in Masonry Unmasked: An Insider Reveals the Secrets of the Lodge by John Salza answers those questions and more. Mr. Salza is a former Freemason who, as a Mason, wanted to find out why the Church objected to Masonry. He explored Masonry and his faith and discovered for himself why the two are incompatible and wrote Masonry Unmasked so that he could share his findings with other.

Mr Salza does an excellent job explaining what is wrong with Masonry theologically. He explains how Masonry advances "indifferentism" or how no religion is better than any other. He then explains how indiffenrentism goes against the basic teachings of the Christian faith. Mr. Salza explains how Masonry shows indifference to God, Jesus Christ and the Bible. The section is pretty theologically deep and the reader needs to take his time to understand it because it really sets the foundation of what is wrong with Masonry.

The book then continues and teaches about Masonry doctrines and it's secrecy. The book explains what is wrong with Masonry's doctrines and how it goes against Christian teaching any why the secrecy and making oaths goes against the commandments. Next, Mr. Salza makes a very good argument about how Masonry, in itself, is its own religion.

Masonry Unmasked then continues to explain the Church's continued opposition to Masonry over the centuries. It shows how numerous pope's have condemned it how, even today the Roman Catholic Church, despite what is being told to Catholic by Masons, continues to forbid Catholics from being Catholics.

This is a very interesting book, although it is easy to get bogged down sometimes and should not at all be considered "lite reading." I would recommend this book to an Christian, protestant or Catholic, who is contemplating joining a Masonic Lodge.

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  1. I often wondered why my father was so against the Masons as he himself was a staunch member of the Knights of Columbus, I think I may find out why if I read this book.....:-) Hugs

  2. the knights of columbus is in no way associated with masonry. we are not set up in masonic fashion. our pledges are promises that do not self-curse us to be disfigured and disrespect life. we do not violate any civil or religious vows or duties. we serve Holy Mother Church. we are Catholic and outside of Holy Mother Church there is nothing! Masons are an amalgamation of luke warm faith. To be a knight u must first be a practical Catholic, and this means being obedient to the true teachings of the Magisterium.

  3. The Knights are, from what I've seen, the epitome of being Catholic---they are very good supporters of the Church.

  4. I am a Catholic and a former Mason...Steer clear of the Freemasons they are SO far removed from Catholism...especially the Southern Jursidiction of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite Masons. They perform a "papal" degree it is shocking, horror, and no wonder the Spirit of God has placed a barrier between his flock and those "enlightened" men. I am now a proud Knight of Columbus.