Wednesday, March 25, 2009


So why am I staring a blog? Who am I and why would I think that anyone cares what I think especially when it comes to my spiritual life??
I am a 37 year old police sergeant who's been married for fifteen years and have three kids. So, I'm no body special. I have no theology background. I'm just a normal schmoo off of the street who is doing his best to please God and finds himself failing more often than succeeding.
About a year ago, I found out that a sergeant from the Omaha Police Department that I had known for years was also Catholic. We started talking and I discovered that he was a recent convert and he was so comfortable with his faith that he had a blog that talked about his conversion and faith journey.
I was intrigued that someone new so to the faith had no problem broadcasting his faith to the world while I was hesitant to let anyone know about my faith. So I changed my myspace blog from boring posts about what I did the previous week-end and discussed my own spiritual journey and different teachings of the Catholic Church.
I was pleasantly surprised. I received several favorable comments from people telling me how I had helped them on their own spiritual journey. This was pleasing to me because I really want to be like a stained glass window and let the light of Christ shine through me.
So, I decided to take my blog to a different level and put it on it's own page. I don't know if it will be better or worse but I thought it would encourage myself to post more often and be available to people who may not have myspace.
In this blog, I plan on posting about my basic thoughts and ideas on matters of faith and morals. I consider myself a pretty orthodox Catholic. I put my trust in the Church that she will lead me down the right path. I may not understand all of her teachings, but but I believe that it's my responsibility to find out why she teaches what she teaches and to pray to God for understanding. I also consider myself to be pretty fun loving and I believe that the Catholic Church is perceived to be too dull and boring. One of my favorite quotes from the movie Dogma is "too many mourn their faith instead of celebrating it." I truly love my faith and think that it's amazing. There are so many things about it that are difficult for our finite minds to wrap around.
I hope you turn in, learn something, are encouraged and ask any questions that you may have. As I stated above, I don't have an education in theology but I know where to go to find the answers!

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